Our “Urgent Care Service” will have a doctor dedicated to treating pets in need of urgent medical care that day. Those patients will be triaged and seen according to the highest need, as well as on a first-come, first-serve basis.

The exam fee will be $70.00. If you are able, we highly recommend that you call ahead to reserve your place in line. Wait times can be unpredictable as there are unforeseen emergencies and each patient will have different diagnostic needs that we cannot anticipate.

Please remember that our Urgent Care Service will only be available to pets in need of unanticipated, urgent medical care. By dedicating staff to meet the needs of these patients and their owners, we believe the doctors who have regularly scheduled appointments can work more efficiently and effectively by focusing on preventative and basic/minor diagnostic care. We have always wanted to foster relationships with our patients and the wonderful owners who bring them in and we feel strongly that this will help us accomplish that goal.

When you arrive for Urgent Care Service, depending on how comfortable you and your pet are, you can either call our receptionists to check-in (737-356-2400), or you can come into the lobby with your pet. We will immediately notify the Urgent Care Service staff that you have arrived. If you feel your pet is in distress (unable to breathe, losing blood, has ingested a toxin…) please inform the receptionist right away. We will have a technician come out to check their vital signs.

While our facility is fully open, we are still highly focused on the health and safety of our staff and community. When entering the building, please wear a facial covering and maintain safe social distances from others. We may ask you to fill out a short health questionnaire the first time you come in. If you choose to wait outside or in your vehicle with your pet, please be mindful of them becoming overheated in warm weather and too cold in cooler weather. Please leave the AC/heater running in your vehicle while your pet is inside it if necessary. If you do not have AC/heat, please come into the lobby.

As our hospital is still new, there may be kinks to iron out in our procedures. We will closely monitor how this service runs and make changes as necessary to improve patient and client service, as well as efficiency. Thank you all for your support and understanding!