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Our Patients
April 21, 2021

Patient Story: Biscuit

Sometimes in medicine, human or veterinary, we don't get the clear-cut answers we're looking for. We see a problem and we want to know what caused it and what will…
Our Doctors
April 6, 2021

Why Do Cats Purr?

We all know that cats purr when they feel content, but did you know that purring is also a way cats comfort themselves? A cat that is scared may purr…
Our DoctorsOur NeighborhoodOur Patients
March 8, 2021

Rattlesnake Vaccine

Did someone say "SNAKE!!!"?? One of the main reasons I love living in Georgetown is our amazing wildlife population. Snakes are a part of that wonderful ecosystem and we need…
Our Patients
January 14, 2021

Vomiting in cats is normal… right?

You may ask yourself if it's normal for your cat to vomit, and if so, how frequently is too frequently? There are several answers to these questions, but the REAL…
Our Hospital
December 23, 2020

Progress is Progress

It feels like we're tackling this quote bit by bit all at the same time. We're in the "coming together stage" as we continue with construction. We have equipment being…
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