Progress is Progress

By December 23, 2020 Our Hospital

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.

Edward Everett Hale

It feels like we’re tackling this quote bit by bit all at the same time. We’re in the “coming together stage” as we continue with construction. We have equipment being installed inside and work being done on the yard outside. The progress of “keeping together” can be as simple as keeping it together when things don’t go as planned, or in keeping a team of people together despite them not having their hospital open just yet. But without a doubt, there is success in working together.

We have an amazing team of people working together to get our hospital ready. They’re on-site every day doing something, anything they can to get us one step closer to opening our doors. We’re eternally grateful for all their hard work and dedication.

Until we’re able to get started in our new hospital, the OTVH staff is working alongside the GVH staff seeing clients and caring for patients. They’re proving that while OTVH will be its own entity, it will still be a sister practice to Georgetown Veterinary Hospital. We’re a family, united by our love of helping and healing.

While we can’t wait to “have our own space,” we can’t miss the beauty of the waiting. We are making progress and just because it may not be the progress we had in mind, it is still progress, and that counts! So much can be learned from appreciating the “now” and looking forward to the future.

As you wait with us, look around and appreciate your “now.” Don’t miss the beauty of what you already have. That can always be done while looking forward to what’s to come.

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